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A view of Torbay, the ocean, a full moon.  In the summer.

"Our mission is to help you be mortgage ready, give you the right mortgage based on your unique financial picture, while protecting your equity for the future."
Tonia Mercer, AMP, Owner-Principal Broker

Mortgage Solutions for Individuals

& Small Business Owners

We Offer

Unbiased  Support

We represent you to the lenders.
Think of us as your mortgage concierge, providing unbiased support from start to furnish and for the life of your mortgage. 


With 15 years in the business we know mortgages!

Your unique finances deserve a unique mortgage. 


Competitive Rates

We get you the best rates available based on your personal finances.  
No haggling guaranteed!

A Team Approach

We have an experienced team of realtors, lawyers, appraisers, home & auto, financial advisors and property managers. 
We can provide the entire team or provide experts to help you fill key roles. 

Credit Protection

We have access to a multitude of banks and lenders. No need to hop from bank to bank risking a decrease in your credit score.
Let us do the hopping! 

Mortgage Monitoring

Our top priority after your mortgage closes is to help you pay less interest over the life of your mortgage. 
We monitor your mortgage regularly and complete annual

mortgage reviews to ensure you are not paying more interest than necessary.


“Tonia was with me for my first home from day 1. Took me a few years, she was there to guide me and I got there. Even after our family was devastated by a family tragedy she stayed strong and got us where we needed to be. Grateful for her kindness and experience, she won’t steer you wrong.”

—  J.P. Coady  —


Woman on a yacht in Lake Ontario with the Toronto skyline in the back ground.

Tonia Mercer, AMP

Tonia is an accredited Mortgage Broker, digital nomad, avid animal rescuer and budding runner.
She is on a mission to dispel mortgage myths and help her clients build wealth through real estate acquisition.

Tonia is the Principal Broker – Owner of The Mortgage Missus Inc.,

on the far easterly, rugged coast of Newfoundland.

Tonia donates a portion of the proceeds of every mortgage to the animal rescue charity, Mercer's Mission, she created in the Dominican Republic.

Tonia, with 15 years’ experience and the support of her amazing team, put mortgage education front and center in their client’s mortgage journey. They want you to feel educated, heard and confident about the largest investment in your life.  

Oh, and she loves
gifting stays at the Trinity Beach House for completed mortgages to her clients and referral partners.

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