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Practice & Experience

The Mortgage Missus Inc. is a boutique brokerage that is
100% paperless and virtual. The decision to transition to a virtual practise was made in September 2018. Tonia wanted the flexibility to work & volunteer from anywhere and provide her clients with the convenience of phone appointments rather than having to take time off work or travel across town.

Unknowingly, this prepared Tonia and her team to continue to provide mortgage services during the pandemic with out interruption.

The Mortgage Missus Inc. is a referral only mortgage practice which means that we only accept clients who are referred to us by trusted referral partners, current and previous clients. 

This allows us to provide an elevated experience to clients for the life of their mortgage. 

Clients never pay us a fee for our prime lending services. We receive a fee from the lender we place a clients mortgage.

A portion of that fee goes to support two initiatives:

Mercer's Mission & Keep Warm.

Mercer's Mission was established in June 2022 after Tonia spent six months working and volunteering in the Dominican and was heart struck by the large numbers of homeless animals. The mission feeds stray street dogs and cats daily, administers flea, tick and worm treatments and works with the local spay/neuter clinics to have the dogs and cats spayed and neutered. The long term goal is to provide a physical space for old, sick and injured animals to live out their days and increase the daily food program. 

For more details on the work you support

check out the facebook page. 

Mercer's Mission

The Keep Warm initiative aims to help people struggling financially not to have to choose between food and heat. Keep Warm donates a highly efficient, compact 500 watt space heater to those struggling to heat their home or apartment. The cost to operate is a fraction of what oil heat or standard baseboard heater costs. A heater is donated each time a mortgage file is completed. 

For more information on the heater you help us donate

check out the details below. 


Efficient portable heater

We Are Mortgage Holders

We have been exactly where you are. We know what is involved and are determined to make the process as easy for you as possible!


Independant Experts

We believe strongly in our  team of independent experts that succeed by helping you pay less. 

Partner Services

Here For the Life of Your Mortgage

Would you rather work with someone that will be here for the life of your mortgage or an institution with a new advisor every time you reach out?

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